Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

Every sprinkler system in Fort Collins should be equipped with an approved backflow device. This funny looking things is the most important part of your sprinkler system because it protects your family's drinking water.

The device is typically installed between the water coming from your home and your sprinkler irrigation system. It's purpose is to prevent contaminants such as animal waste, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. from entering your home's water supply, through the sprinkler system, when there is a back pressure condition.

We suggests annual backflow device testing to ensure these often overlooked components are functioning properly. Click here to read more about the city backflow testing requirements.

Service includes:

  • Backflow Test performed by certified tester
  • Test report (delivered to you and to City on your behalf)
  • Free same day re-test when repairs are required and approved.

NOTE: We only test irrigation backflow prevention devices (PVB or RP) that are 1" or smaller.

Flat Rate Price:

$65 (includes filing fee, if applicable) - *Does not include repairs

Give us a call at 970-633-0636 to schedule a Fort Collins backflow test today!


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