Water Use Restrictions

Outdoor Water Use Restrictions In Effect Beginning Oct. 1

The Fort Collins City Manager signed a declaration and order for mandatory action level IV water restrictions on lawn watering and other outdoor water uses in order to avoid a water shortage due to the ongoing drought conditions, Cameron Peak fire and infrastructure repairs known as the Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP).  Read more...

Backflow Preventer Quick-Drain Instructions

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Performing a Quick-Drain will protect your exposed exterior pipes and backflow preventer from early fall and late spring cold-snaps. There are many different sprinkler system shut-off and drain configurations. Your system and components may not look exactly the same as the one shown here, however, the process to shut-off and drain will be very similar. 

Referencing the diagram below, follow these instruction to perform a quick drain of your system:

  • Step 1: Shut off sprinkler water supply valve (1) by turning to the right. (usually located in the basement or crawl space)

  • Step 2: Go outside and locate your backflow preventer. Turn both test ports (5) to 45 degrees. (use a flat head screw driver)

  • Step 3: Turn both isolation valves (4) to 45 degrees. (if they are hard to turn, you can use pliers)

  • Step 4: Open any drains (3) located under the backflow preventer. (Not all systems have exterior drain) 

  • Step 5: Go back inside, locate and open your interior drain (2) and catch the water that comes out with a bucket. (Drain will be located on the shut off valve or immediately after it)

  • Step 6: Go to your controller and run a station manually for 10 minutes. (This will open a valve solenoid and allow gravity to drain the remaining water)

  • Step 7 (OPTIONAL): Go back outside, wrap your backflow preventer with an old blanket, then cover with a garbage bag. (This step will help insulate and keep snow/ice from accumulating) 

 You will still need to have your sprinkler system blown out! The quick drain is meant to be a temporary solution that will help prevent freeze damage in your backflow preventer before we can come out and finish your winterization.

Click here for PDF version of the Quick-Drain Instructions



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